University project using the Kinect to build a Fitts’ Law 3D application in a team of three (2011). Fitts’ Law shows how users perform the act of pointing (virtually) to an object on a screen using a pointing device (such as the mouse).

The goal was to build an application that allowed to gather measurements on how humans perform pointing in a three-dimensional space. The Kinect and application were installed/running on a screen showing a digital information board. A background application was managing the window management to switch from the information screen to the application using a dedicated gesture, and back to the screen after no input is detected by the Kinect for a certain time. The user can then play the game, as you can see below, and is then presented with their performance.

The Kinect backend was written in C++ making use of an (unofficial) Kinect SDK. The frontend was done with Unity, and written in C#, including its backend to store the results of each player in a SQLite database. The Kinect backend and frontend were connected using a Socket in order to receive the detected hand gestures and movements.

Skills/Technologies: C#, Unity, SQLite, C++, SVN