After updating my Thunderbird to the current version there was one extension not working anymore: Headers Toggle. Even manually adjusting maxVersion in the install.RDF to pretend it’s compatible didn’t work. This extension allowed to switch the headers view between seeing all headers (All) and the most important header information (Normal) with a single key shortcut (H). Unfortunately this extension hasn’t been updated in a long time.

I created a new Thunderbird extension called Toggle Headers that allows to do this and works with the current (and upcoming) Thunderbird version.

Update: The newest version (0.3) of Toggle Headers  is compatible with CompactHeaders. When both are used at the same time the current state of the headers view is taken into account:

  • when collapsed and H is pressed, the headers view will be expanded and all headers shown
  • pressing H again will switch back to the normal headers view but also collapse the view again (the previous state is remembered)