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iOS: How to fix/change Voicemail number

Recently, a friends voice mail “button” did not work anymore. Upon calling the voice mail, an audio error message appeared saying that the voice mail is not available or cannot be reached (something like that).

Unfortunately, Apple does not want you to just change the associated voice mail phone number that is called when tapping on “Voicemail”.

Fortunately, there is a shortcut:

  1. Go to the phone’s keypad
  2. Dial *#5005*86# and “call it”
  3. A phone number will appear, which is the one currently associated with the voice mail.  Write this down just in case.
  4. Now, call *5005*86*<insertPhoneNumber># and replace the placeholder with your phone number, starting with the country code (1 in this case for North America). For example, 14381234567.
  5. The voice mail button should now work.

This approach worked on the TELUS network (using Koodo). If it doesn’t work for you, revert the phone number to the one written down in step 3 and contact your provider.



  1. RMAU

    My voicemail will not work at all when u call my number it says we can’t complete your call. Please help

    • Matthias Schoettle

      Do you mean when you want to listen to your voicemail? Or someone calling you?

      It’s probably best to talk to your mobile provider.

  2. Grant Higgins

    There are SO MANY unanswered questions. Not good enough Aussie Broadband – we expect better. How does a new customer get a PIN? No answer. How does a customer change the voicemail dial number on their phone? No answer. What happens when you ring and get a PIN and your phone rejects it as an “old” PIN? No answer. We took a risk by changing telcos – so you owe it to us to give support and guidance. . Watch out – you’re fast becoming Telstra 2.0.

  3. Ronald Carpenter

    I had put number in and now I
    can’t open my Voice mail

  4. Amrin

    When I “call” that shortcut, my phone says “Error performing request – Unknown Error.”
    Is there any way around this to get my voicemail number?

  5. Eyvonne

    I dialed the codes but it’s say error
    My iPhone I believe it’s hacked, My IG got hacked and now I cannot access anything
    Please help thank you

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