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Kinect Project

University project using the Kinect to build a Fitts’ Law 3D application in a team of three (2011). Fitts’ Law shows how users perform the act of pointing (virtually) to an object on a screen using a pointing device (such as the mouse).

The goal was to build an application that allowed to gather measurements on how humans perform pointing in a three-dimensional space. The Kinect and application were installed/running on a screen showing a digital information board. A background application was managing the window management to switch from the information screen to the application using a dedicated gesture, and back to the screen after no input is detected by the Kinect for a certain time. The user can then play the game, as you can see below, and is then presented with their performance.

The Kinect backend was written in C++ making use of an (unofficial) Kinect SDK. The frontend was done with Unity, and written in C#, including its backend to store the results of each player in a SQLite database. The Kinect backend and frontend were connected using a Socket in order to receive the detected hand gestures and movements.

Skills/Technologies: C#, Unity, SQLite, C++, SVN

Hochseilgarten Nagold

Built website for client with WordPress (2014). Retina and responsive support. Booking calendar and custom forms for visitor interaction. CSS customizations for improved appearance.

Recently, with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)/Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (DSGVO) coming into effect in May 2018, customized the website to comply with the regulations and eliminate including external resources.

Skills: WordPress, Plugins, CSS, Photoshop

Max Payne Zone

Fan Site for Max Payne

In 2002 I took charge of Max Payne Zone (MPZone), which was one of the biggest Max Payne fan sites and the biggest one for German speakers. I updated and improved it maintaining its original design and re-launched it in 2003, in time for the launch of Max Payne 2.

With a staff of 6 news posters, it provided extensive news coverage of the game and custom modifications (mods), game-related information (such as tips and walkthroughs), and an active discussion forum.

The amazing folks of Remedy Entertainment valued the efforts of the fan community and (with their publisher Rockstar Games) collaborated with us and three other big fan sites. We received news updates in advance, exclusive content and gear to be used for competitions. As a result, several competitions were held where users could win prizes.

Skills/Technologies: Apache, CSS, HTML, MySQL, PHP (frontend and custom-built backend for content management)

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